Michael Meyers returns, 40 years after first appearance


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New "Halloween" film arrives four decades after the original.

Christopher M. Smith, Staff writer

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 Everyone has been waiting for the return of the movie franchise, Halloween. If you are looking to be petrified, Halloween is the movie for you. The first movie aired in 1978, with the famous Michael Myers character. Myers has been a famous movie villain ever since. Since then 11 Halloween movies have been made. They all take a different look at the “boogie man” as they refer to him in the movie.

 The recent Halloween release relates back to the first one, when Michael killed his older sister and was hospitalized for 15 years. On Oct. 31, the anniversary of Michael’s arrest, he escaped from captivity. Michael uses this opportunity to go back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. His mission is to finish what he started and kill the only victim that got away, Laurie Strode. Playing Strode, renowned actress Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role. Strode has been waiting for Michael to return and spent a lifetime training her daughter to be ready for his escape. Sure enough Strode is proven correct and Michael is out of jail and looking to settle an old debt.

 The movie opens with Michael automatically killing innocent people. Personally, I loved the gory and bloody scenes which show murders in full detail.  The excessive blood guts, forces the audience to scream in disgust. Michael has no boundaries, killing anyone in his path. What I noticed about the character Laurie is that she spent her whole life worrying about someone who was in jail. In a way, Laurie was a prisoner as well, spending a lifetime trapped in the past. She could not progress in life because of the constant thought that her attempted murderer is going to come back. She is an inspiring character and adds depth to the horror film.

Not only is this movie captivating, but the characters are very relatable . This is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. If you have not seen Halloween yet, you are missing out on one of the best films in 2018.



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