Homecoming Dance turns commons into masquerade

The 2018 Homecoming Court poses at the Friday night game prior to the Saturday dance.

courtesy of Michael Davis

The 2018 Homecoming Court poses at the Friday night game prior to the Saturday dance.

Lexi Nielsen, Staff writer

On Oct. 27, HHS held its annual homecoming dance. Students from all four grades attended looking to have a great time dancing and hanging out with friends.

The members of the student council transformed the commons into a “masquerade” theme for everyone to enjoy.

“The theme this year was masquerade,” senior Lenah Chedid said. “We chose it because we had great ideas for decorations and thought it would be something formal and fun!”

Although most students were excited to attend another homecoming dance, some seniors found the event a little bittersweet as it would be their last dance of their high school career.

“It felt unreal that it would be my last homecoming,” Chedid said. “It hasn’t really hit me yet but I know I will miss it.”

Halfway through the dance, the homecoming king and queen were introduced. This year the winners were Victoria Badore and Joey Mistretta. They danced to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” along with the members of the homecoming court from the other grades. Freshmen Sarah Roser and Nick Schneider, sophomores Mark McLaughlin and Mia Boccippio, juniors George Hart and Victoria Gladstone, and seniors Eric Demare and Alex Lasiin, Emily Pettesch and Prescott Quackenbush, and Corinne Leoni and Jaden Bailey completed the homecoming court.

“It was unexpected to win king and queen, but it is something that I will always remember,” Badore said. “It was also something that was very special for our senior year!”

Overall, the homecoming football game and dance were a very enjoyable experience for many students at HHS and we have the student council members, advisors, and chaperones to thank.