Fans are outraged for Gaga and Cooper’s No. 1 album

Three songs off this year's hottest soundtrack garnered Oscar nominations.

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Three songs off this year's hottest soundtrack garnered Oscar nominations.

Shani Vasquez, Op-Ed editor

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Following the release of A Star is Born on Oct. 5, the soundtrack featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has had a running streak on the Billboard charts, as well as Apple Music, for the past five weeks. Although the two-hour-and-seventeen-minute tear jerker has broken multiple records, it will not be permitted to compete for a Grammy in the upcoming year. This is due to the fact that the film was released a mere days after the cut off date to be a nominee.

The songs featured on the soundtrack demonstrate Gaga’s evolution throughout the movie as well as that of her movie-husband, Bradley Cooper. With a widespread following, there is a track for everyone as the album is composed of multiple genres. That being said, fans are outraged that their last hope for the film to be eligible for awards is through a single that was strategically released a week before the deadline.

“Shallow” is one of three tracks from the album that is nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar alongside “I’ll Never Love Again” and “Always Remember Us This Way.” The duo had mentioned in an interview with Variety that Lady Gaga insisted that all songs off the soundtrack be performed live for that would provide the most authenticity.

Alongside songwriter Lukas Nelson, Gaga and Cooper wrote a majority of their songs from scratch by a matter of texting each other lyrics and going from there. The risky feat seemed to have paid off for them according to, “The A Star Is Born album is the first movie soundtrack to spend its first three weeks at number one in more than a decade.”

Regardless of the public opinion, both Gaga and Cooper are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a monumental film that speaks to our generation. Putting a well-rounded artist alongside someone who has never sung outside the comfort of his shower created a genuine performance that would captivate the world and remain relevant for years to come.

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