The concession stand serves a flame-broiled surprise


by Jardin Jacoby

Luckily the concession stand was not damaged in the fire on Oct. 8.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff Writer

Friday, Oct. 28, was a special night. It was the Homecoming football game along with being the Senior Night for football, cheerleading, the Rockin Raiders Cheer Team, and the marching band. The stands were more full than usual, despite the freezing cold temperature.

The game started as usual; the marching band played the national anthem and then the players kicked the ball off to start the game. Five minutes into the first quarter a small flicker of light appeared inside the concession stand. Soon students and fans could tell it was a small blaze, but reaction was slow.

“I don’t know it was kind of just there,”  senior Abby Johnstone said. “I mean no one was exiting the stand, no one was screaming. So it didn’t seem like anything was wrong at first.”

After a few minutes the flame did not go away; in fact, it grew. Soon, students started to flood out of the concession stand and a crowd started to form around the building. Students’ attention started turning away from the game and towards the 5-foot flames erupting in the middle of the place people go to buy their hot chocolate.  

The fire did not last long because custodian Willy and the Fire Department were able to put out the flames. It was later revealed that the fire was caused by a buildup of grease and food that had not been cleaned out of the grill by a previous group using the stand. “I’m just relieved that no one got hurt,” senior Bridget Eilers said.

The concession stand is run by the junior class cabinet. Volunteers sell snacks and drinks to raise money for junior prom. You can buy everything from candy to pizza there. The fire was just a minor inconvenience but it did not stop the juniors from selling food for the rest of the night.