Dance team gets denied varsity status, but vows to keep trying


by Jardin Jacoby

The much coveted varsity jacket that will remain out of reach for this year's dance team members.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff writer

The dance team is made up of 24 girls who practice 3 days a week. They have recently asked Principal Karen Bingert and Athletic Director Michael Davis for varsity status so that they could get varsity jackets. The dance team is going to perform at the basketball games along with hosting some showcases in the main gym throughout the year.

The team was disappointed when they received the news that they would not be considered a varsity sport this year. Apparently, there was another dance team in the past that dissolved after a short amount of time, so the school wants to make sure that this new team is serious and committed.

“I understand where they’re coming from,” junior Nicolette Moleski said. “We need to prove to them that we are legitimate, but once we show them I believe we will get the jackets. We deserve them because we work hard just like all the other teams here at Hillsborough High School.”

The robotics team, marching band, and the debate team all have varsity status at Hillsborough High School. It took the robotics team five years and endless meetings to finally secure varsity jackets. “They shouldn’t get discouraged,” senior Abby Johnstone said.”It took us a long time, but if you keep up the fight the team will eventually get varsity status.”