Red Cross Club and National Honor Society host blood drive


Blood donations are desperately needed as the American Red Cross faces a critical blood shortage.

Lindsey Baum, News editor

As the holiday season approaches, many people are scouring the mall and store websites, searching for the perfect presents for the people in their lives. However, not many are thinking about a gift they could give to their communities: a blood donation.

Heading into the holiday season, the American Red Cross is reporting severe blood shortages across much of the US, as a result of the recent spate of natural disasters and wildfires in California.

These blood reserves are desperately needed for medical procedures, especially entering winter, a season often plagued with car accidents and trauma situations. Recently, elective surgeries have even been cancelled due to lack of blood supplies.

To help fill this urgent need, HHS’s American Red Cross Club and National Honor Society are teaming up to host the first blood drive of the year. On Dec. 17, staff from the American Red Cross will be in the HHS auditorium, collecting donations from eligible volunteers.

“The Red Cross has an all time blood shortage at the moment,” Red Cross Club board member Aahna Rathod said. “Every donation counts.”

In light of the critical need for blood, the organization is offering incentives for donation. At HHS’s blood drive, the first 40 people to donate will receive a free American Red Cross T-Shirt, and all donors will be given a $5 Amazon gift card as a thank you.

To attract more donors, the blood drive will be open to teacher volunteers for the first time ever. Student volunteers will be able to donate with no prior paperwork if they are 17 or older, and at 16 with parental consent.

Volunteers from both groups will be signing up eligible students during lunch periods the week of December 10-14. Club leaders have set a goal of 40 units of donation for the drive.

So, heading into the season of giving, consider making a sorely-needed donation and potentially giving someone the gift of life.