The start of something special: Boro Boys Basketball


Junior Jared Smith going up for a layup against Franklin High School.

Sean Levonaitis and Lexi Nielsen

As December approaches, so do winter sports at HHS. The boys basketball team has been working on their skills during the offseason, trying to put the pieces together to have a successful season. The team is coming off an eleven and seven-teen record, however this team is looking to bounce back and finish with a record above .500.

During the offseason, the team suffered the loss of a significant amount of seniors. The team may have lost many talented seniors last year, but there are key newcomers looking to fill their shoes in this upcoming season. Some of these players include senior Dante Walker, and juniors Jared Smith, AJ Strawderman, Nick Fox and Allen Holman.

“Team-wise I want us to be able to compete in every game against all opponents and be able to have a winning record,” Walker said. “I want people to once again be interested in Boro Hoops and come see us play.”

On Dec. 3, the team had their first scrimmage against East Brunswick. With their loss in the aforementioned game, the basketball team is looking to make it up in their next two scrimmages against Morris Knolls and Piscataway.

One player that is going to be new to some fans at HHS is junior Jared Smith. Smith had a major role on JV while playing as a center. This year he is taking on a larger role with the Varsity team as their tallest player.

“This year i’m simply going to play with a killer’s mentality” Smith said. “This means i’m going to do anything in my power to win each and every game. I’ve had a lot of obstacles placed in my way this year, and it’s only by God’s grace that i’m skillful enough to be on this team.”