Levonaitis and Nielsen pick their top 10 movies of 2018

The latest Avengers film tops our list of the best movies of 2018.

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The latest Avengers film tops our list of the best movies of 2018.

Lexi Nielsen and Sean Levonaitis

As 2019 approaches, people take time to reflect on the best movies released in 2018. Many spectacular movies were released in the year of 2018, but only 10 can succeed. We are here to bring you the top 10 movies. Drum roll, please:

10)  The Nun, released Sept. 6.
Starting with the lowest on the list, The Nun. The horror movie brought fear into the hearts of all viewers. After a nun takes her own life, a priest is sent by the Vatican to investigate. The man risks his life to thwart a nun bringing terror to a small village in Romania.
9.)  Blockers, released April 6.
No. 9 on the list is the comedy, Blockers. This movie is about three high school seniors who make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. Each senior has a pair of overprotective parents who will do anything to stop their daughter’s plan.
8.)  Tomb Raider, released Mar. 5.
This action packed movie is about an independent daughter who is related to an extraordinary adventurer who past away several years ago. The daughter goes on an adventure to solve the mystery of her father’s passing and lands onto a mysterious island and faces difficult problems.
7.)  Quiet Place, released April 6.
Quiet Place is on the list at No. 7. A pair of parents will do anything to protect their children from creatures in the world. The hardest part of staying safe is not making a single sound.
6.)  Ant Man and the Wasp, released July 6.
The Ant Man returns once again but he is not fighting crime solo. He is joined by his partner the Wasp. The two discover a new enemy to take down. The movie is jammed packed with epic battles.
5.)  Love Simon, released Mar. 22.
This movie explores main character Simon Spier’s difficult task of coming out to his friends and family while forming an anonymous online relationship with another gay guy at his school. This journey proves to be hilarious, scary, emotional, and proves for a great time.
4.)  Mission Impossible- Fallout, released July 27.
The sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series follows Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt who is going after a terrorist organization that has the materials to make bombs. After risking the entire mission, Hunt and his group are put on observation by a CIA agent which leads to a shocking turn of events that captivated viewers and brought this film so high up on the list.
3.)  Crazy Rich Asians, released Aug. 15.
Third on the list is a film that features actors and actresses of Asian descent in all of the leading roles. The story follows a girl named Rachel Chu who happily accompanies her boyfriend Nick to his best friend’s wedding. Along the way, she learns that Nick is extremely wealthy. She is thrust into the spotlight and has to learn to deal with jealousy from others, most importantly Nick’s disapproving mother.
2.)  Black Panther, released Feb. 16.
Our runner up is one of the most popular Marvel movies ever released. The Black Panther, T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, is on his way to becoming king of Wakanda, but his power is usurped by Erik Killmonger who is played by  Michael B. Jordan, and he has to fight his way back into power to save his home of Wakanda from being destroyed.
1.)  Infinity War, released April 27.
Topping the list is the most highly anticipated film of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War. This fantastic film follows the quest of everyone’s favorite superheroes to stop Thanos from decimating half of mankind. With intense fight scenes, hilarious comedy, and an extremely intense ending, this movie won its place as the top move of 2018.