Tips and tricks to keep New Year’s resolutions


photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

Don’t make resolutions for just a year, make then for a lifetime.

Heather Suraci and Shani Vasquez

Now that 2018 has come to a close, millions are making New Year’s resolutions for the year, however, countless resolutions tend to take a backseat and are left unfulfilled. According to The New York Times, the time management firm Franklin Covey stated that one-third of resolutioners don’t make it past the end of January. This year you do not have to let those resolutions be yours.

Here are a few tips and tricks to identify the right resolution to improve your life, create a plan to reach and maintain it, and become part of the determined group of people that successfully achieve their goal.

  1. Pick the right resolution. This can mean that you don’t decide on a resolution based on the input of others or one that is meaningless to you. It needs to be a realistic goal that you feel can be accomplished within a year given your lifestyle, etc. Don’t pick the same resolution year after year for it will only stunt your growth.
  2. Make a plan. The act of making a detailed plan will make it easier to follow and make it more manageable as opposed to going freehand. It also allows you to work out the kinks of your resolution as well as make it part of your lifestyle and not just a resolution.
  3. Start small. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, try replacing dessert with something else you find enjoyable such as yogurt or fruit. The idea is to think of something you think you can accomplish.
  4. Don’t go it alone. The more support you get from family and friends, the better you will be able to maintain your goal and maintain the motivation you need to keep at it. A buddy system provides help to achieve your objectives.
  5. Forgive yourself. One can say they are going to make a resolution and keep it, but when things are going south, you need to remember that change is a process. Though the motivation may have begun to die out, that is when you need to get up and go again.

This year will no doubt be full of surprises, but that does not mean that you should discourage yourself because you can and you will succeed if you put your mind to it. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will be useful in helping you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions in 2019!