Student artists impress at winter arts festival

Eric Booth, Staff writer

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Eric Booth
Students view the gallery at the Winter Arts Festival

Senior Kasey Klacik’s clay sculpture

Senior Izzy Dima’s mixed project created in Crafts

Katilyn Dusque’s created this pastel chalks art work as part of her portfolio

Junior Caitlin Park’s acrylic painting done in AP Art class

Senior Kaitlyn Dunn’s clay sculpture

This drawing was created by senior Emilia Dominguez, as part of her art portfolio

Martina Cousin’s colored pencil picture created in Mrs. Mounds class

Senior Alisa Nualplub’s block print artwork created in Mrs. Mound’s Art

Junior Juliette Banville’s pen and ink drawing in Mr. Bober’s Drawing course

Senior Laurel Walsh’s acrylic ink work made in the AP Art Studio

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