Gina Gorman named Teacher of the Year


by Ty Kang

The 2018-19 Teacher of the Year, Gina Gorman instructs her world history students alongside colleague Christopher Brophy.

Lexi Nielsen, Staff writer

Every school year, teachers work extremely hard to better their students’ education. One teacher is recognized every year for the necessary hard work through the prestigious award of Teacher of the Year.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the teacher awarded this honor was World History and Study Skills teacher Gina Gorman.

Nominations for teacher of the year were sent out to staff, students, and parents in November. The deadline for submission was Dec. 7. The decision process for picking the Teacher of the Year is taken on by many. Nominations come from teachers, students, and community members before the Teacher of the Year committee meets with school administrators to name the recipient of the prestigioius award.

Principal Karen Bingert and the committe, comprised of former award winners, base their decision on criteria such as services performed in the building, teacher to student interactions, and nomination letters.

“This year’s winner, Mrs. Gorman, is an excellent representative of the high standards required of being the Teacher of the Year because she is incredibly hardworking, positive, focused, and committed to her students’ excellence, academically and personally,” Bingert said. “She holds her students to very high standards, and she is able to balance being warmly and sincerely supportive with her ability to be forthright about their strengths and areas needing improvement.”

Gorman has been working at Hillsborough High School for fourteen years, and previously taught at Manville for eight years. Gorman co-teaches two sections of World History with fellow History teacher, Christopher Brophy. She teaches one section of World History in the Resource Center and two sections of Study Skills.

Unknowingly nominated by a student, Gorman was extremely excited to hear that she had won Teacher of the Year.

“It felt amazing to win Teacher of the Year,” Gorman said. “It was very unexpected and took me completely by surprise.”

Gorman is well deserving of the award and The Voice sends its warmest congratulations.