“Escape Room” fails to provide suspense and live up to its trailer


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"Escape Room" attracts fans of the famous game and movie goers who want a little suspense.

Sean Levonaitis and Lexi Nielsen

On Jan. 14 horror film lovers from all corners of the country raced to their local theatres to see the latest scary movie, Escape Room.

Six strangers go to a mysterious building they have not been to before to visit the escape room. The escape room is where players compete by solving puzzles for the $10,000 prize. What starts out as innocent fun becomes a nightmare when the game becomes a matter of life or death.

Although the participants all seem very different at the beginning of the film, viewers soon realize all the characters have one major thing in common; all are survivors of a life threatening disaster.   

The six strangers in the film included two women and four men. The women are played by Deborah Ann Woll and Taylor Russell, and the men are played by Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Nik Dodani, and Tyler Labine.

Escape Room dropped an eye-catching trailer that enticed viewers to flock to see the film. However, despite all of the hype surrounding it, the movie does not live up to the expectations brought on by the trailer.

In the trailer, the action sequences are no doubt exciting, but all the excitement is destroyed when the complete movie hits the screen. The movie is very predictable and the suspense seen in the trailer is simply not present.

Even though Escape Room is sure to be disappointing for some, others might find merit in the film’s creativity. The ending of Escape Room does atone for the lackluster parts of the movie. The ending is certainly unpredictable.

Escape Room received a rating 55% on rotten tomatoes. Therefore, it is a universal opinion that this movie did not live up to expectations.