The History of Valentine’s Day


photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

A heart typically symbolizes love, which is the base behind all Valentine’s Day origin stories.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff writer

Valentine’s Day is one of those things that people either love or hate. Many people are too distracted by the candy and flowers to realize that there are many theories about why the holiday started.

The Candy/Florist Company Theory:
There is a conspiracy theory that Valentine’s Day was started by the candy and florist companies in order to sell more products. If you look at the financial facts the holiday was a genius invention by the companies; the holiday brings in almost $19 billion in economic activity. Even though it would’ve been a smart financial move, there is no proof to suggest that Valentine’s Day was created by the candy and floral companies.

The Roman Festival “Lupercalia”:
It was a festival held in mid-February to celebrate the fact that spring was coming. Women would be given to men based off of a random raffle. If the couple found that they were a match they would continue to stay together after the festival. It was a chance to find love, and that’s why it is considered such a romantic time.

Mid-February was thought to be the time that Cupid (an angel) roamed the Earth. He made people fall in love with each other by shooting them with his arrows. To show their love people would present gifts to one another.

Saint Valentine:
The saint supposedly lived in Rome during the third century. During that time Emperor Claudius ll believed that single men made better soldiers and outlawed marriage in the empire. Saint Valentine believed that the decree was morally wrong and continued to marry young lovers in secret. He was sentenced to death, and to honor what he did the Catholic church created St. Valentine’s day.