5 last minute gift ideas for that special someone on Valentine’s Day


photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

Here are some of the Voice’s ideas on how to sweeten up your other half’s Valentine’s day!

Heather Suraci, Features editor

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and if you’re stumped on what to get for your significant other, do not worry because The Voice is here to help you put together something that your little love bug will appreciate!

1. Sweets

Although this may be a bit basic, there’s always the simple option of getting your sweetheart some of his or her favorite candy! You can throw together an easy basket full of candy with a meaningful note attached to let your other half know how much he or she means to you. This idea is sure to sweeten up your partner’s day!

2.  A Musical Valentine

Creating a sentimental playlist for your significant other will surely warm his or her heart. Be sure to include all of your boo’s favorite tunes and give the playlist a creative name. Also, if your other half is old school, you can make a mixtape on cassette. This gift is perfect for musical lovers!

3. A well written poem

If you think that you are pretty good with your words then just simply write your significant other a hand written poem about how much he or she means to you. Your kind words will surely woo your Valentine and make their day extra special.

4. A collage of your favorite pictures together

This idea is extremely sentimental and your partner will appreciate this little collage immensely. This gift is so simple, just print out a bunch of pictures with your best memories together and paste them on either on a poster board or put them in a small frame for your significant other to cherish forever. This is super sentimental and your partner will definitely love how much time you have put into this gift.

5. Flowers and chocolate

This idea is a classic Valentines day present that is sure to sweeten up your love bug’s day! Just be sure to make sure you get your sweetheart’s favorite chocolate and a bouquet that is full of their favorite colors. This idea is simple and yet so effective in making your beloved’s day.

There you have it, five last minute and easy gift ideas for your Valentine. Hopefully, now you know how to sweeten up your sweetheart’s Valentines Day with one of these sentimental gift ideas!