Tattoos in HHS

Christopher M. Smith, Staff Writer

Generation Z is known for being conservative, especially when it comes to tattoos. There is stigma affiliated with body art that makes every parent’s blood boil. Getting tattooed is not something you can decide overnight, permanently designing your body being more important than you think.

To begin, the only shop to trust in New Jersey is Immortal Ink. Based in Flemington and Asbury Park, they provide nothing but satisfaction to their customers. Only hiring professional artists, one is guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience. Many people all around New Jersey drive hours to make an appointment with one of the extremely talented staff members. Baby John, Brent Bonesaw, and Jacob Finelli are just a few of the impressive employees. For more information, take a stop inside the parlor and see their plethora of creations.

There are many Hillsborough students that have been blessed with the opportunity to be tattooed by the notorious Immortal Ink artists. “Even though the pain of a tattoo was unbearable,” senior Kristina Wasylak said, “The artist at immortal Ink made me feel comfortable, giving me an experience I will cherish forever.” One of Kristina’s tattoos is shown in the slideshow below.

The main stereotypes that surround body art is the belief that is is going to have an effect on people’s futures. Although jobs cannot discriminate against someone’s physical appearance, the prejudice surrounding people with tattoos is still present. A way to get around employers denying you a job due to your tattoos is to cover it up with foundation during an interview.

Tattoos mean different things for everyone – attention, expression, impulse, a narration, and self confidence. When it comes to body art, there are really no restrictions. The amazing thing about this form of art is that is tells a story like no other. They put a literal meaning on the saying, “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Everyone in this generation has an urge to express their individuality, and tattoos are the perfect way to do so.