Debate team is successful in Mexico City


Courtesy of Robert Fenster

Happy debaters pose for a picture.

Heather Suraci, Features editor

Debate has emerged successful once again after their recent competition at Mexico City International Model United Nations. At the conference, the team was able to demonstrate their knowledge in various committees and cabinets that simulated actual issues that diplomats must solve in present day situations and historical situations from years past.

The competition was vastly different than any that the debaters had seen this season as most of their competitors were from Mexico. The team was unfamiliar with the techniques of the teams from Mexico and had to adjust to strengthen their committees.

When asked about how this competition varied from past ones, sophomore Lasya Cheruvu provided some insight.

“I really love participating in model UN conferences, and I was even more excited that I would be participating with students from Mexico,” Cheruvu said.

The competition was overall successful and multiple debaters earned individual awards and recognition. The debaters who earned awards were junior Alicia Liu for Outstanding Delegate and Best Position Paper, junior Yash Parikh for Best Delegate, and senior Michael Huang for Outstanding Delegate and Delegate’s Choice. Other award winners include sophomore Aravind Krishnan for Outstanding Delegate, and sophomore Emily Trujillo for Best Delegate and Delegates Choice. Others who received recognition for their hard work include seniors Zach Volpe and Smay Shah, and sophomore Adam Gottlieb, earning Honorable Mention.

The team as a whole was a true force to be reckoned with at the conference; they were successful and came out with their heads held high. Additionally, they were able to become closer with one another as they spent a lot of time together plotting for their competitions. 

“It was an amazing and interesting experience because I learned a lot and got to spend time with my fellow debaters.” Cheruvu said.