Dance Team Bracelet Fundraiser


Demi Rooyakkers

The dance team sold out these bracelets, helping them raise money for their team.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff writer

The dance team had an exciting first year competing in multiple competitions and dancing during halftime at basketball games. Over the past few days, the dance team has been selling custom made bracelets during lunch periods. The 25 girls all decided that selling Pura Vida bracelets would be the best way to raise money for the team next year. The best part, they come in Boro colors!

Since the dance team is considered a club, (for the time being) they are not funded by the school. Despite this, the school district still makes them use buses to get from the school to their competitions. The girls also need the money to buy their uniforms and other necessities. Much like other clubs at HHS, they rely on fundraisers to keep them running. The Pura Vida bracelet fundraiser is not only something original, but also very smart; these bracelets are fashionable while also showing off school pride.

“The bracelets were a great choice because anyone can wear them,” junior Demi Rooyakkers said. “I was so surprised that all 100 of our bracelets sold so quickly! The team sold bracelets during lunch, and within two days, everything was sold. The dance team is 100% based on fundraising because we do not currently have any funding from athletics. So we will definitely be continuing the bracelet fundraiser in the future!”

Due to the high level of interest, the team plans on doing another bracelet fundraiser in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested, you can contact one of the girls on the team, or they’ll be walking around with a blue box during lunch periods if the fundraiser continues. Each bracelet is $7 and all proceeds will go to the dance team for next year.