Previews of the highly anticipated Spirit Night videos


Courtesy of Ty Kang

Juniors Nadia Elkabbani, Liam Smith, and Emily FItzgerald perform in the Junior Jungle movie.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

With spirit night right around the corner, all of the festivities are in full swing. The mural is getting ready to be painted, the dances are close to being done, but arguably the most anticipated event is in full swing.

The ten minute videos are something the students and teachers look forward to every year. They feature kids from their respective grades acting in movies about their theme. The Voice was able to catch up with the star actors and directors of each grade to catch a glimpse of each movie.

The freshman film will set the tone for the day, being the first movie to debut. It will be directed by Luke Moleski, who hopes to deliver a great first video. The film will star himself and Holden Stack as the main characters playing best friends who are attempting to retrieve money that was stolen from them.

The sophomores this year will hope to entertain once again after a great freshman film. Chloe Colipano will be the one directing with Rocco George and Sean Levonaitis starring in the main roles. With an aspiring racer transported back in time, the only way to make it out is to win the “speedway” derby with the help from his father.

This year, the juniors plan on releasing a movie surrounding the ideas of a superstar survival host and an everyday teenager. When the stardom gets to the host’s head, he becomes en evil, mean man. When a local teenager and his crew decide to challenge him by making their own show, the host takes notice. Alex Marsh will star again as the show host, and Liam Smith will play the teenager.

Last, the much anticipated senior film will not disappoint. Joey Dunphey has been making these movies since freshman year, and has not fell short of expectations. Their video has won first place and second the past two years. This year’s film will feature Braden Stack as a surfer who lives too far from the beach. He makes it his mission to reach the actual ocean and surf the waves.

This year’s films look to be a great group with diverse ideas. Nonetheless, HHS students are in for a treat on May 3.