Staying home during spring break? we’ve got you covered

Heading down to the shore for a beach day with friends and family is sure to be a fun-filled day!

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Heading down to the shore for a beach day with friends and family is sure to be a fun-filled day!

Heather Suraci and Shani Vasquez

Following the end of winter break, students are anxious and looking forward to yet another extended break from the stresses of school. These past few months have been filled with various assignments and rigorous deadlines for students and a break is well overdue.

During spring break, numerous students will be heading to sunshine-filled destinations including Florida or Mexico. However, for those students who are staying at home or on a budget, here are a few fun-filled activities to do to let loose over break.

National Parks

For those nature lovers who enjoy admiring Earth’s natural beauty, exploring national parks is a perfect activity for you. Nearest to Hillsborough is Morristown National Park, US Govt National Park Services, Independence National Historical Park, and a handful of others. Heading to these parks with a couple of pals is sure to be a good time. To enhance the experience, you could even bring a picnic lunch to enjoy later.

Amusement Parks

Everyone’s favorite amusement parks, including Six Flags and various piers, will be filled with thrill seekers to experience the park’s famous roller coasters. All local amusement parks also have various rides that are less intense for those who are intimidated by large roller coasters. If you are looking to go to the park, pick a day with cool temperatures so you do not have to deal with standing in long lines on a hot sunny day.

Beach Day

New Jersey has numerous beaches for you and your friends to head to for a carefree beach day. Some beaches require a pre-purchased beach tag to enter like Ocean City and LBI. However, Asbury Park is free and open to the public. If you are looking to catch those rays and work on your tan, then a beach day with friends is sure to be a good time!

Let’s Go Shopping! 

Spring break is the perfect time to try something new, such as getting yourself a new wardrobe. With the change in weather comes an onslaught of florals and new trends. While everyone else is going to overpriced exotic locations, you can be the first to get your hands on those must-have pieces at bargain prices.

Road Trips

At the sound of the final bell, you and your friends can hop into your car and go on a road trip! There are a handful of hidden gems in and out of New Jersey that are overwhelmed with history and culture with attractions and shops that won’t break your bank. You can embark on a week trip across America, or you can have just as much fun on a day trip to Atlantic City or a state park while also remaining within your budget.

Although staying at home for spring break may not be an ideal situation for most, there are plenty of activities to do to have a spring break to remember. Hopefully this list sparks some ideas for you and other spring breakers to do locally over break!