Requirements for exemption from finals for seniors should be altered


The current requirements for being exempted from finals are unfair to seniors in many circumstances.

Lindsey Baum, News editor

Most seniors at HHS are currently facing a difficult predicament: with college decisions already out, and many commitments already made, motivation is at an all time low to complete schoolwork. To combat this declining work ethic, HHS offers seniors the opportunity to be exempt from finals if they achieve a 90 or higher for both marking periods three and four.

While it is smart for the administration to offer this for seniors, this policy needs to be reformed in order to make sure all seniors have a fair chance of being exempt. Instead of requiring a 90 for both marking periods, seniors should instead have to average a 90 across the second semester.

Under the current system, seniors who earn a higher average for the entire semester, while others with a lower average, but with a 90 for both marking periods, would still be exempt. For example, a student who earns an 89 third marking period and a 95 fourth marking period would still have to take the final, with an average of a 92 for the second semester. On the other hand, a student who earns a 90 in each marking period would not have to take it, with an average of a 90.

A student may have a rough time in one marking period, but this should not eliminate him or her from the possibility of being exempt from the final. Earning a 90 average across an entire semester, regardless of individual marking period grades, clearly displays a student’s competency in any course.

In addition, if a student receives a grade below a 90 in the third marking period, he or she would then have no motivation to work for an A in the fourth making period, as there is no chance of being exempt from the final.

Seniors in AP classes should also be exempt if they are signed up to take the AP test for that course. After paying for tests, preparing in class, and studying for months, it is unfair to students to force them to take two major exams to prove their mastery of coursework.

Furthermore, due to AP exam schedules, most AP teachers stop teaching new material more than a month before finals, putting those students at an unfair advantage as they are forced to wait weeks before being tested on their knowledge.

If the administration at HHS made these changes, seniors would have much greater motivation to work hard to finish out their last years at the high school.