“Old Town Road” becomes the #1 song in the world

Lil Nas X pushes boundaries by combining country and rap to create his hit

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Lil Nas X pushes boundaries by combining country and rap to create his hit "Old Town Road".

Joey Dunphey, Reviews editor

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Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about the new single by Atlanta’s up-and-coming rapper/singer Lil Nas X titled “Old Town Road.” However, this is not just an ordinary song; there is something magnificently different about it.

The release of “Old Town Road” marks a monumental moment in music history because the song successfully merges two completely different genres: country and rap. To me, this merge is incredible because it brings something new into the often repetitive world of music.

The song begins with Lil Nas X singing about how he wants to take his horse to “Old Town Road,” symbolizing his dedication to his dream; like many determined artists, he left school to pursue music full-time. Then, out of nowhere, the drums boom over the folk-styled melody to create a crisp hip-hop beat. The 808 drums hit extremely hard throughout the beat while Nas X raps with a signature country accent. His accent juxtaposes the rapping to create something never heard before.

In the first verse, he raps about how he has his horse while his competitors may have nice cars such as Porsches. He notes that he is “in the valley” while these people never leave their fancy items. With these lines, he is trying to express how he is continuously working while others are sticking to their materialistic lifestyles.

The verse is followed by Lil Nas X singing the chorus: “Can’t nobody tell me nothing,” showing his newfound confidence and telling his haters that he doesn’t care what they say.

The second verse talks about a different time in Lil Nas X’s life: his future. He raps about how his life is a movie, filled with girls and designer clothes, and then finishes by flexing his Wrangler jeans, which are typically associated with cowboys.

As a whole, the song takes you through Lil Nas X’s life, beginning with his determination and dedication and ending with the lavish lifestyle that he hopes to live in the near future.

The first time I heard this song I honestly did not like it, but I appreciated the originality of the song. Eventually, the song grew on me and I came to enjoy the beat and meaning of the song.

The different style of the song took the music industry by surprise, especially the Billboard charts. The song was originally placed on the country charts, but then it was taken off and kept on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Billboard claimed it did “not embrace enough elements” to be considered a country song. Fans were confused and some outraged, and the controversy continued when country singer Billy Ray Cyrus was featured on a remix of the song.

As of April 9, the song has reached #1 on the Billboard charts. Lil Nas X was able to shift the sound of music, and there is no doubt that more artists will begin to emulate his creativity.

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