Sophomores travel to Broadway to see Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”


by Shani Vasquez

A captivating performance of "All My Sons" at the American Airline Theater on Broadway was staged last month.

Heather Suraci, Features editor

On Wednesday, May 29, English teacher Shawn Layton’s II Honors classes went to NYC to see Arthur Miller’s  1947 drama, “All My Sons”, at the American Airlines Theater on Broadway. The class recently had read the play in preparation to see the story be brought to life on stage. The trip to New York not only consisted of seeing the play, but the students were able to walk around the city for a little bit to see some of the most famous theaters on Broadway.

The students were able to see the Shubert Theatre, Booth Theatre and the Lyceum. Prior to walking around, the students enjoyed a nice lunch at Planet Hollywood where they were able to binge on burgers, salads and mac and cheese followed by a dessert of either a brownie or ice cream.

The play itself was truly thought-provoking. This production of the play is set in 1947, the year in which it was first performed on Broadway; before this production, “All My Sons” had not been seen on Broadway in just over a decade. One definition of a classic might be the way in which the work contrives to continue to speak to us in the present. It should feel, as we experience them, as though they are essential viewing right now.

The English students all seemed to enjoy the play, as it sparked a lot of discussion on the ride back to the high school. Much of the conversation revolved around accountability and personal responsibility one has to others. Overall, the trip was a success for Layton’s students as they all were able to take away valuable life lessons from the play.  Miller may have written “All My Sons” 70 years ago, but his themes and preoccupations remain contemporary in a way this superb production makes effortless.