The 2019-2020 student council elections are approaching


Ty Kang

Freshman presidential candidate Luke Moleski's campaign posters are among the most eye-catching.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

Although the 2018-2019 school year has not yet come to an end, preparations for next year have already begun with the 2019-2020 student elections. Many students in each grade are running for student government positions, fliers scattered on the walls of hallways throughout the school, campaigning themselves for their desired position.

For sophomore class cabinet, there are a total of 10 people running for positions. Jackson Barajas, James Gaffney, Luke Moleski, and Nina Patel are running for sophomore class president. Rohan Deb, Kelly Irwin and Holden Stack are running for VP. Mackenzie Brownlie and Rushil Sharan are going head to head for secretary. Natalie Kort is running unopposed for the treasurer position.

The junior class does not have as many candidates, but it is going to still be a tight race. Cole Walinsky, Elizabeth Wong, Neev Agarwal, Dimitri Ramirez, Kaitlyn Alexander, Sophia Naumovski, Amber Jackson, and Maura Schaab are all hoping to get elected into student government this year. The returning cabinet of Wong, Agarwal, Alexander, and Jackson are all hoping to keep the positions they have.

Unlike the other two grades, the senior class is going to stay the same. Payton Altman, Ty Kang, Morgan Krempasky, and Jeffery Jiang will remain as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively as they are running unopposed. These four have been heavily involved and held positions for the past three years, planning on making their last year the best.

“These past three years have been so much fun for me,” Altman said. “I love working with our grade in creating dope projects for spirit night and in general. It also is easier when I am working with some of my good friends.”

Last, the student council elections will also be taking place. With an almost entire senior cabinet for the 2018-2019 school year, many new people are going to be elected into office. Varun Deb, Kara Magliaro, Andrew Vinchur, Casey Kiernan, Mark Colavita, Shriya Bhargava, and Niyati Ramanathan will be the candidates running for student council positions.

Be on the lookout in your email on Wednesday, June 5th to vote for class positions.