6 desserts to try this summer


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An extreme milkshake from Black Tap.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff writer

The summer is the time to try new things. Hillsborough is in an ideal location that is only an hour from Philly and an hour and a half from NYC, so crazy, unique foods are right around the corner. Here is a list of the top 6 foods you need to try this summer:

Milkshake – Black Tap – NYC

This place takes a unique twist on the traditional milkshake. “Crazy Shakes” come in eight flavors and seem to be gravity-defying works of culinary art. Not only are they covered in whipped cream and extreme toppings, but they come with a large slice of cake, a brownie, candy, Rice Krispy treat, or an ice cream cookie sandwich on top. The restaurant is also known as a craft burger and beer joint, but their internet-famous milkshakes have helped skyrocket their popularity.

Churro Ice Cream Cone – Churro Cone – NYC

Is summer really summer if you don’t have ice cream? Not only is their soft serve ice cream served inside a freshly-made churro in the shape of a cone, but it can come in many different flavors besides just original (which is still amazing). “The Nutty Professor” is covered in Nutella, rimmed with brown sugar, filled with vanilla ice cream, and then topped with toasted almonds and frozen pecans, finished off with a drizzle of Nutella.

Donuts – Duck Donuts – Green Brook, NJ

Their donuts are not only baked on premises, but they also have an option called “Made-to-Order.” What makes these donuts special is their customizable option. First, you start with a choice of five different bases, and then get an option of seven different icing flavors; you can pick two of any seven toppings to add to your fresh donut. To finish it off, you can choose either hot fudge, marshmallow, salted caramel, or raspberry drizzle.

Playa Bowls – Montgomery, Somerville, New Brunswick, Edison, etc. 

If you are looking for something on the healthier side, then Playa Bowls is for you. This new form of dessert has a base of either acai, pitaya, coconut, a vegetable “green bowl”, chia, banana or oatmeal smoothie. Their toppings include fruit, granola, peanut butter, coconut flakes, chocolate, etc. Don’t forget to post a photo on your Instagram or snap story!

Rolled Ice Cream 

This new ice cream trend has taken Instagram by storm. Rolled ice cream is formed by pouring cream over certain toppings on top of a freezing cold table. The temperature gives the mixture an ice cream consistency while an employee mixes the ingredients together. To create its unique shape, it is scraped together and rolled to fit in a cup, it is then topped with an assortment of tasty toppings.

Cookie Dough – Cookie Do in NYC

Everyone loves cookie dough! This shop not only creates the tasty treat, but also makes it without eggs, which gets rid of the risk of salmonella. Over 14 uncommon flavors are offered and can be topped with many of their over the top toppings. Their “salty and sweet” creation is a mixture of sugar cookie dough and salted caramel with dark chocolate chips and sea salt mixed in. If anyone has an idea for a new flavor, they are more than happy to submit a flavor idea!