HHS artists impress at Spring Arts Festival

Eric Booth and Jackie Bell

Allie Maher’s sculpture created for her senior project
Junior Sadie Coord’s “Palm Sunday”, touring state and Country piece
Elizabeth Gladstone’s “Hillsborough High School”, Grade 10, made in Drawing
Junior Madeline Zierdt’s ink picture made in drawing
Senior Jackie Bell’s artistic drawing of her initials
Freshman Emma Gearon’s project for global warming
HHS student’s abstract art work that is touring the state art exhibit
Junior Katie Heck’s portrait “Grave” made in advanced painting
Senior Blake Velasquez’s Light Portrait, done in Digital Photography
Sophomore Matt Vescovi’s Spiderman, created in Digital Graphic Arts
Jenin Bischoff-Hashem of grade 11’s Acrylic Paint Triangles
Senior Sean Kile’s craft titled Wanted Dead or Alive
Trevor McCarthy’s self portrait made in Advanced Drawing
Emily Chu from grade 11’s watercolor painting “Struck” watercolor made in AP Studio Art
“Figure Daydream” painted by 11th grader Marco Passalaqua in Art 2.
“Verne Troyer” created by Nicks Burns, grade 10, in Cartooning.
9th grader Nicole LaMastro’s “Spaceship” made in Sculptures and Ceramics
Freshman Breanna Schletcer’s “Central City” created in Mechanical Drawing