Black Mirror is back with a chilling new season

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"Black Mirror" season 5 premiered on June 5.

The long-awaited new season of Netflix’s anthology series Black Mirror returned to screens June 5. The show’s 5th season consists of three, one-hour long episodes featuring stars such as Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, and Andrew Scott. Each of the episodes involves interesting plot scenarios about expanding technology, and posed a variety of thought provoking questions for viewers.

The first episode is titled “Striking Vipers” and focuses on two former college friends, who begins playing a “Mortal Kombat”- like virtual reality game. The game causes their relationship to change and find a new way of satisfaction. Both struggle to find the same pleasure outside of the game and balance their lives with their secret affair.

This episode explores the balance of reality and its virtual counterpart. It was entertaining and thought provoking in regards to masculinity and relationships. “Striking Vipers” allows a lot of room for the viewer’s interpretation.

The second episode, which is titled “Smithereens,” follows a character named Chris who works for a driving company similar to Uber and Lyft. He waits outside of the Smithereens company building every day in hopes to interact with someone who works there. “Smithereens” is a social media app that everyone uses. It seems like everyone is glued to their phone, and this angers Chris. Finally, one day, a young man named Jaden enters the car, who happens to be an intern at the company. Things get hectic as Chris kidnaps him and threatens to kill him unless he can talk to the CEO of Smithereens.

This episode stars Andrew Scott as Chris, and Damson Idris as Jaden. Topher Grace, who also played Eric in That 70’s Show, also appears in the episode as CEO Billy Bauer.

This episode was quite enjoyable, however the ending was underwhelming. Black Mirror tends to have abrupt and unexpected endings, so it was not too much of a surprise.

The third episode, “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,” starring Miley Cyrus, consists of high tech forms of an Ashley Too Doll, that resembles the pop-star played by Miley Cyrus. The singer and pop-star, Ashley, is a role model to so many young teenage girls that look up to her. A small, electronic doll that looks, talks, and sounds like the real Ashley was made for her fans to buy.

This episode shows how technology is all around us and everyday there’s something new being made for society. This revealed that the world is just changing so drastically that anything is possible with all the technology around today.

Overall, the episode had a lot going on, however it was very interesting, and had a well planned plot. Having Miley Cyrus star in the episode made it even better.

The already popular series is seeing even more attention due to the streaming of these three episodes. Cameos from popular actors and celebrities added to the impact of the show.