Freshman Look to Elect their New Leaders


Sean Levonaitis

Dom Monsorno put up posters all around school in the hall for his peers to see.

Sean Levonaitis and Lexi Nielsen

The Freshman will be casting their votes and deciding who will be their class cabinet on the 24th of September. Out of the many students competing for each position on class cabinet, there will only be one person for each job for the class of 2022. The votes will determine who will be the president, the vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Those four students will represent the whole grade for the rest of their first year of high school. 

The president, who is viewed as the leader, has many responsibilities like running each meeting and being the main voice for the class of 2022. The students willing to take on the challenge are Charan Koltur, Rishab Hari, Syun Kataria, 

Kataria is a simple person when it comes to what he wants. When asked what the reason is for running for president, Kataria had a simple and short answer, “for clout” Kataria said. “I want to add new drinks to the vending machines to please the Hillsborough high school students.” 

The two other positions, Treasurer and Secretary, are also a popular position with having at least two people running for each. The two running for treasurer are Adam Hook and Sahana Desai. The two will be tracking funds in the class account and help benefit the class. 

The Secretary position keeps track of attendance and points discussed at meetings and the people running are Meilin Fischer, Mahati Chitti and Sareen Muthyala.

The co-captain of the cabinet is the vice president who fill in for and assist the president as needed. The candidates running for the position are Dominick Monsorno and Joey Kozimbo. 

When talking to Monsorno, he made sure to say everything on his mind. “The reason why I want to run for vice president is not only I want to get involved in this but also I want to help this school become a safer place for everyone including the new freshman,” Monsorno said. “Many people don’t realize how someone can step up in a huge way and become a leader while everyone can give ideas to me to suggest something better for the school overall. Everyone has a voice so I want to get the people involved and help me in this journey.”